Curriculum at Wonderland

We believe in a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children zero to six years of age, presented in an environment which fosters the individual child's emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills. Our talented, professional team of early childhood educators create an environment that supports and develops a love of learning, respect, cooperation, leadership, an ability to make choices, pride in individual accomplishments and problem solving skills.

Early Education Benefits

Effective preschool programs capitalize on a time when children's brains are rapidly developing; laying a foundation of social skills, knowledge and self confidence that paves the way for success in kindergarten and beyond. Children who go to effective preschool are:
          - More likely to become good readers in elementary school.
          - Less likely to be placed in special education or held back a grade.
          - More likely to graduate from high school and attend college
          - Less likely to need public assistance as adults
          - Less likely to be arrested or incarcerated.

Benefits of early education
       Source: Reynolds, et al, and Schweinhart, et al.

Year Round Schooling

January - December

Unlike most public schools Wonderland Preschool operates year round and does not close for an extended period of time during Summer or holiday sessions. We understand this causes undo hardship on families which is why we only close on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Wonderland Preschool

Open Enrollment

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Tel: 562-866-4919

Monday - Friday
6:30AM - 6:00PM

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