Infant & Baby Care Service

Our infant program has recently reopened after extensive renovation. We will begin accepting children as young as 6 weeks.

The philosophy of the Wonderland Preschool's Infant Program is based on the belief that babies need consistent love, attention, praise, concern, and caring; they also need caregivers who are well prepared and knowledgeable in sound principles of child development. The Infant Program maintains a commitment to the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of the child. Toward this end, learning is seen as a developmental process that occurs naturally and progressively within a stimulating and nurturing environment. Caregivers offer a wide variety of interesting play experiences geared toward each child's developmental level so that he/she has sufficient opportunity to explore, manipulate, and come to a better understanding of the world through his/her own efforts.

Infant Development Chart: Social-Emotional

0 - 1 Month: cries to express emotions; bonding begins
4 - 10 Weeks: social smiles
2 Months: begins social games
3 Months: distinguishes familiar faces*
     turns head toward human voice
     smiles in response to a smile
     kicks, smiles, waves in response
     cries when left alone
     and recognizes parent
4 Months: genuine laugh, smiles when spoken to, loves attention
5 Months to 1 year: stranger anxiety*
6 Months: distinguishes between voices
    smiles, babbles at strangers
    develops attachment
    begins to play imitation games
    plays peek-a-boo
    sensitive to parental moods
8 Months: laughs out loud
9 Months: screams to get own way
Play is activity only for present moment.
Fears unfamiliar: people, places, things.*
Beginning sense of separate self.*

Infant Development Chart: Language

0 - 1 month: turns head in response to voices
    cries to express needs
6 - 8 weeks: coos Gestures to communicate
    pushes objects away, squirms
    reaches out to people,* pouts
    smacks lips, shrieks, points
2 months: voluntary vocal sounds
3 months: babbles
6 - 12 months: imitation sound games
    Responds to variety of sounds*
    Makes vowel sounds Acquires receptive language*
    Cries to communicate
12 months: first words

Infant Development Chart: Physical-Motor

By 1 year: grows 10 to 12 inches, triples birth weight,
    lengthens by 40%, doubles brain size, grows
    full head of hair
    Bounces in crib
    Uses whole-body motions
4 months: sees, grasps objects
5 months: examines fingers
    sits when propped
6 months: rolls over
    discovers feet
    teething begins
7 months: crawls
8 months: sits up unaided
    pulls to standing position
    pincer grasp established
9 months: creeps
10 months: feeds self with spoon
11 months: stands alone, cruises
12 months: first steps
Late infancy: can move hands in rotation to turn knobs
    Newborn motor activity is mostly reflexes.

Infant Development Chart: Cognitive

0-1 month: responds to mother's voice: senses function, especially pain, touch*
10 weeks:
memory is evident*
4 months:
smiles of recognition
7-10 months: solves simple problems (knocks over box to get toy)
8 months:
begins to believe in permanence of objects; follows a simple instruction
8-12 months:
intentionally in acts
11 months: begins trial-error experimentation
12 months:
plays drop/retrieve games, pat-a-cake
    Explores with hands and fingers
    Smiles, vocalizes at image in mirror*

*Key characteristics of cultural awareness of identity

Year Round Schooling

January - December

Unlike most public schools Wonderland Preschool operates year round and does not close for an extended period of time during Summer or holiday sessions. We understand this causes undo hardship on families which is why we only close on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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