Preschool Child Care Program

Our preschool recognizes and values each child's unique characteristics and abilities, and we strive to facilitate academic learning and social interactions through many developmentally appropriate activities and experiences.

Our two multi-aged preschool classrooms have a moveable wall, giving us the option of opening up both rooms for special events and celebrations. This option allows a sense of community to develop.

Center-based play offers many opportunities for each child to make choices. Teacher-directed activities introduce and reinforce academic concepts in a print rich environment. Most importantly, self-esteem is fostered because our program is designed so that every child enjoys success.

Preschool Development Chart: Social-Emotional

Mood changes rapidly
Tries out feelings of power
Dominates; is bossy, boastful, belligerent
Assertive, argumentative
Shows off; is cocky, noisy
Can fight own battles
Hits, grabs, insists on desires
Explosive, destructive
Easily over stimulated; excitable
Impatient in large groups*
Cooperates in groups of two or three*
Develops "special" friends* but shifts loyalties often
In-group develops; excludes others*
Resistant; tests limits
Exaggerates, tells tall tales
Teases, outwits; has terrific humor
May have scary dreams
Tattles frequently

Preschool Development Chart: Language

Has more words than knowledge
A great talker, questioner
Likes words, plays with them
Has high interest in poetry
Able to talk to solve conflicts*
Responds to verbal directions
Enjoys taking turns to sing along
Interested in dramatizing songs, stories
Exaggerates, practices words
Uses voice control, pitch, rhythm
Asks "when?""why?"how?" *
Joins sentences together
Loves being read to

Preschool Development Chart: Physical-Motor

Longer, leaner body build
Vigorous, dynamic, acrobatic
Active until exhausted
"Works": builds, drives, pilots
Can jump own height and land upright
Hops, skips
Throws large ball, kicks accurately
Hops and stands on one foot
Jumps over objects
Walks in a straight line
Races up and down stairs
Turns somersaults
Walks backward toe-heel
Accurate, rash body movements
Copies a cross, square
Can draw a stick figure
Holds paint brush in adult manner, pencil in fisted grasp
Can lace shoes
Dresses self except back buttons, ties
Has sureness and control in finger activities
Alternates feet going down stairs

Preschool Development Chart: Creative

Is adventurous
Shows vivid imagination
Displays great interest in violence in imaginary play
Loves anything new
Demonstrates more elaborate dramatic play
Makes up new words, sounds, and stories
Enjoys complexity in book illustrations
Exaggerates and goes to extreme
Likes funny poetry
Tells spontaneous story with artwork
Can put on elaborate plays with puppets
Finds ways to solve problems
Combines words and ideas

Preschool Development Chart: Cognitive

Does some naming and representative art
Gives art products personal value
Can work for a goal*
Questions constantly*
Interested in how things work
Interested in life-death concepts
Has an extended attention span
Can do two things at once
Dramatic play is closer to reality*
Judges which to two objects is larger
Has concept of three; can name more
Has accurate sense of time
Full of ideas
Begins to generalize; often tautly*
Likes a variety of materials
Calls people names*
Has dynamic intellectual drive*
Has imaginary playmates
Recognizes several printed words

*Key characteristics of cultural awareness of identity

Year Round Schooling

January - December

Unlike most public schools Wonderland Preschool operates year round and does not close for an extended period of time during Summer or holiday sessions. We understand this causes undo hardship on families which is why we only close on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Wonderland Preschool

Open Enrollment

10440 Artesia Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706
Tel: 562-866-4919

Monday - Friday
6:30AM - 6:00PM

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