Programs at Wonderland

Wonderland Preschool's services are designed to meet the demands of parents and children today. Our educational services are specifically tailored to lay a strong foundation that will enable your child to become a successful. We continuously modify our program to meet the increasing demands of single parents, a two income households, and foster kids that need a clean, safe, and loving environment. Some services include extended operating hours, parenting classes, and free nutritional meals.

Infant Program

The philosophy of the Wonderland Preschool's Infant Program is based on the belief that babies need consistent love, attention, praise, concern, and caring; they also need caregivers who are well prepared and knowledgeable in sound principles of child development. The Infant Program maintains a commitment to the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of the child. Toward this end, learning is seen as a developmental process that occurs naturally and progressively within a stimulating and nurturing environment. Caregivers offer a wide variety of interesting play experiences geared toward each child's developmental level so that he/she has sufficient opportunity to explore, manipulate, and come to a better understanding of the world through his/her own efforts.

Toddler Program

The Wonderland Preschool Toddler Program is a play based program which focuses on the child's language skills, social skills, and self-help skills such as providing each child with the foundation for a positive self-image. The program uses developmentally appropriate practices incorporating structures and unstructured activities and positive discipline techniques to reach these goals.

Preschool Program

Our preschool recognizes and values each child's unique characteristics and abilities, and we strive to facilitate academic learning and social interactions through many developmentally appropriate activities and experiences.

Our two multi-aged preschool classrooms have a moveable wall, giving us the option of opening up both rooms for special events and celebrations. This option allows a sense of community to develop.

Center-based play offers many opportunities for each child to make choices. Teacher-directed activities introduce and reinforce academic concepts in a print rich environment. Most importantly, self-esteem is fostered because our program is designed so that every child enjoys success.

Kindergarten Program

This program is designed to incorporate a whole language basis for learning along with developmentally appropriate learning experiences designed for the benefit of your child. Whole language consists of activities related to environmental print, "big books", whole book experiences, and letter-sound recognition, among others.

Social skills will focus on conflict resolution, interacting appropriately with peers and adults, and following directions. We will be using math curriculum that is consistent with the whole language approach. This curriculum involves activities in school, as well as some home activities, that are relevant to the child's own world.

Learning centers will provide realistic hands on experiences for all subjects. These centers will incorporate themes, as well as various topics developmentally appropriate for the Kindergarten student.

Kindergarten is the foundation for the child's school life. All activities are designed to foster a realistic positive attitude in children toward themselves and learning. This can be best achieved with parental support of the Kindergarten academic program at home. Communication between parent/student/school is essential to provide this important foundation in your child's education. Together, this Kindergarten experience can be a successful and positive one.

After-School Program

The goal is to support students and broaden the base of support for education in a safe, constructive environment. It is indended to provide safe and educationally enriching alternatives for children and youth during non-school hours. The after school programs consist of two elements below:

1. An educational and literacy element provides tutoring and/or homework assistance designed to help students meet state standards in one or more of the following core academic subjects: reading/language arts, mathematics, history and social studies, or science. A broad range of activities are implemented based on the students needs and interests.

2. The educational enrichment element offers an array of additional services, programs, and activities that reinforce and complement the school's academic program. Educational enrichment includes but is not limited to, positive youth development strategies, recreation and prevention activities. Such activities might involve the visual and performing arts, music, physical activity, health/nutrition promotion, and general recreation; career awareness and work preparation activities; community service-learning; and other youth development activities based on student needs and interests. Enrichment activities may be designed to enhance the core curriculum.

Year Round Schooling

January - December

Unlike most public schools Wonderland Preschool operates year round and does not close for an extended period of time during Summer or holiday sessions. We understand this causes undo hardship on families which is why we only close on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Wonderland Preschool

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