Toddler Child Care Program

The Wonderland Preschool Toddler Program is a play based program which focuses on the child's language skills, social skills, and self-help skills as well as providing each child with the foundation for a positive self-image. The program uses developmentally appropriate practices incorporating structures and unstructured activities and positive discipline techniques to reach these goals.

Toddler Development Chart: Social-Emotional

Almost totally egocentric
Likes to be noticed; loves an audience
Lacks inhibitions
Insists an own way, assertive
Likes doing things by self
Independent, has self-identity*
Adapts easily
Plays by self in playpen
Refers to self by name
Laughs loudly at peek-at-boo
Cries when left alone
Relates to adults better than children
Active, eager
Talks mostly to self
Usually friendly
Strong sense at ownership
Mimics adult behavior*
Experiences and shows shame*

Toddler Development Chart: Language

Same two-word phrases
Enjoys vocalizing to self
Babbles in own jargon
Uses "eh-eh" or "uh-uh" with gestures
Names closest relatives*
Repeats adults' words*
Paints to communicate needs, wants
Shakes head "no" to respond*
Responds to directions to fetch, paint
Obeys verbal requests
Asks "What's that?" or "Whassat?"*
Understands simple phrases
Uses 5 to 50 words

Toddler Development Chart: Physical-Motor

Awkward coordination; chubby body
Tottering stance
Creeps when in a hurry
Walks with increasing confidence
Walks with feet wide apart, arms but, head forward
Finds it difficult to turn corners
Goes up and dawn stairs holding on
Backs into chair to sit down
Can squat for long periods of time
Motor-minded: constant motion
Loves to pull/push objects
Runs with stiff, flat gait
Uses whole-arm movements
Carry and dump becomes a favorite activity
Turns pages two or three at a time
Zips/unzips large zipper
Likes holding objects in both hands

Toddler Development Chart: Creative

Responds to mood of music
Develops ways to move across space
Freely examines every object
Sings phrases of nursery rhymes
Loves to finger paint and explore texture
Stares; takes it all in
Makes up nonsense syllables

Toddler Development Chart: Cognitive

Points to objects in a book
Matches similar objects
Fits round block in round hole
Loves opposites: up/dawn, yes/no*
Imitates simple tasks
Interest shifts quickly
Short attention span
Follows one direction
Gives up easily but easily engaged*
Conclusions are important: closes doors, shuts books
Thinks with feet; action-oriented
Builds tower of three or four small blocks

*Key characteristics of cultural awareness of identity

Year Round Schooling

January - December

Unlike most public schools Wonderland Preschool operates year round and does not close for an extended period of time during Summer or holiday sessions. We understand this causes undo hardship on families which is why we only close on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Wonderland Preschool

Open Enrollment

10440 Artesia Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706
Tel: 562-866-4919

Monday - Friday
6:30AM - 6:00PM

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